Fighting With Numbers – The Book is Now Available!

My newest book is now available on Amazon!

“Fighting With Numbers: Some of the stats from the fighting game community’s biggest tournament series” is a short dive into the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 season.

Here’s what I put on the Amazon page:

Fighting games continue to grow, and the biggest esports tournament series, the Capcom Pro Tour, had thousands of competitors in 2017, all trying to win regional, national and world championships. “Fighting With Numbers” takes a look at the stats behind the players competing in the Capcom Pro Tour. We dive into several topics:

— Is it possible to understand how a competitor plays based on their stats?
— How much is time a factor, and was the game faster than a year ago?
— The drastic difference between how the end of double elimination tournaments are run

While other esports have stats ready at the hip, that isn’t the case for many fighting games. But through a year of analyzing and charting the Capcom Pro Tour, there are some numbers that stand out.