I help people get words onto pages

What’s the story you want to tell?

Everyone has a story to tell that is worth reading.

Inside your beautiful mind lies a story that is willing to be shared with the world, a story so captivating, your friends, family and fans will thank you for delivering it to them.

Your story might be about an unforgettable first kiss (mine was sort of memorable), how you overcame a loss of a loved one (I’ve shared my story and talked to others about theirs), or about the greatest pizza you’ve ever put together. Everyone’s story is different but unique.

So many people want to tell their story.

The toughest task is putting thoughts onto a document.

This is where I want to help you.

My writing expertise spans more than 20 years in various forms, including newspaper reporting, book writing, blogging and ghost writing. Currently, I am a freelancer and consultant based in Long Beach, Calif., helping people from all walks of life with their writing.

In two decades of putting thoughts to words, I’ve seen the ways different writers have extracted stories and produced stories. In learning how they’ve done it, I’ve fine tuned the way I’m able to understand where people are coming from in order to produce amazing stories that are about the subjects.

From NFL athletes to Hollywood celebrities and stay-at-home mothers, I’ve had many conversations with people whose stories have gone from pinballing in their mind into actual written words on a digital or print document.

Once we get the story out of your mind, we can craft an amazing book, blog post or newsletter that will grab people’s attention.

It starts with a conversation.

Let’s schedule that conversation, shall we?

Choose a day that works for you. Once you do, email hello@gcravens.com, and we’ll set a time to make it happen.

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