Who is Glenn?

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I’m Glenn. I’m a guy in my mid 30s who, like many people, have gone through many ups and downs in life. The coolest part is knowing that there are many great times ahead.


My life changed in 2006. I had a great-paying job, and I had achieved my childhood goal of becoming a sports reporter. I got to do what I wanted on weekends. Life was good. But it appeared there was another layer inside of me that wanted to be exposed. What if there was more out there for me? I began to plan my mental escape.

In the summer of 2007, I moved away from my hometown of Salinas, Calif., to Long Beach, Calif., with a goal: create a news website dedicated toward the coverage of competitive gaming tournaments. In the next three years, Get Your Tournament was riding high, getting plenty of praise and web traffic, and I rode that emotional high alongside it.

However, those three years were also a time of fast change in the social media world, and I could not keep up. And when I couldn’t keep up, I declared that the change around me was stupid. I chastised everyone who was against me and lost more friends in a short amount of time than ever before. Everything in my world fell apart as I continued to fall behind the new media times.

The highs were awesome, but the lows were just as devastating. Get Your Tournament was soon a thing of the past, and I was a battered writer with no direction and no plan of escaping my woes. I was broke and on the brink of homelessness in the summer of 2010. It was then that I moved back to Salinas with a goal of starting over. It took a couple of years to rebound, having moved to different parts of the state to get back on track, and in that time, I have come to realize who I am and how I should harness my talents.

In April 2014, I published my my third book, “Evo Moment 37” and have written several fictional short stories. You can find out about all of the books I’ve written at this link right here.

I learned a lot of lessons over the past decade, and it’s hard for me to imagine being around today given how down in the depths I was. But I wouldn’t trade the lessons for anything, and those lessons have motivated me going forward.

Let’s all have fun and achieve great things!

= = =


Glenn Cravens has been in the news media field for 20 years and is currently a sports reporter with The Salinas Californian and a self-published author. He is actively involved in sports, new media, multimedia production and video games.

Among the major events and leagues Glenn has covered:

  • AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
  • Evolution Fighting Game World Championships
  • Major League Gaming
  • MotoGP Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix
  • NBA Development League

Glenn has been featured in the “Dance Dance Documentary” and “Around the World in 80 Games.” He’s also made appearances on Shoryuken.com, CoinOp TV, Cross Counter, Gannett and Clear Channel Radio.

Feel free to email Glenn at getyourtournament@gmail.com or sign up below for more.