March review and fear of the next challenge

It’s crazy how March feels like the longest month of the year. But that’s the February effect.

February, to me, felt like forever, in part because I had too many what-ifs. Did I really make the right decision in moving? Was it going to work out? Could I find more clients?

The lizard brain tried to win. I almost let it.

In March, I told the lizard brain you would not dominate. It had its moments, but I turned it back.

Here’s the February review.
Here’s the January review.
Here’s the 2016 review.

If there was a downer in the month, I would point to one freelancing opportunity that went by the wayside because the person wanted me to work for free now and payment later. As I mentioned last month, talking about money is something I’m not used to, but it’s necessary that I do in order to move forward as a freelancer and consultant (and coach).

I had to make a hard stance, especially given my current status and my runway. It’s tough, because there are a lot of nice people out there. For me, this could be the difference between me staying in Long Beach and moving elsewhere or back to Northern California. I have to draw the line, as tough as it was for me to do so.

Despite that situation, there were positives.

SoCal Linux Expo was great. I had the opportunity to volunteer for a couple of groups as well as network and reach out to tech companies.

I completed my personal month-long water-only challenge. Go here to read what I experienced.

I had the opportunity to work with my friends over at Cross Counter regarding their podcast, and it was great. They have some fantastic work going over there, so be sure to head to their site to sign up and check out the latest content.

Midway through the month, ESL and CD Projekt Red announced its Gwent Challenger event. I signed up but didn’t get accepted. You can read about it here.

Perhaps most importantly, I finally found my baseline, as I joined a tutoring service in the valley. This was huge for me. Now that I have funding, I can work toward getting other projects off of the ground to bring in income.

But with this baseline brings challenges. There are quite a few coding and tech meetups that I am a part of, and my opportunity to be a part of them will now be tougher because of the scheduling.

One of those meetups is having an April bootcamp. It’s $300 and run by Liz, one of the meetup group leaders who has done so much to help me move forward in learning how to code. I read the qualifications and I thought I was borderline in being able to attend and understand.

I also wanted to show support to Liz, and paying to participate would have been one of those ways to give back. But given my runway as well as tutoring, saying no was my decision, unfortunately.

Had I joined now, I probably would be the last in the class to make things happen. I can understand some javascript. I’m fairly good with HTML. I just need more time and more reps.

My coding journey started just after Christmas, which means it hasn’t been a half of a year. If I get a few more months, build some more basic things and truly understand code, then I’ll be more confident when the next bootcamp comes in. Plus, I just started tutoring. Time will help me mold into a schedule and a system.

Speaking of coding, I’m starting Javascript30, going through the projects there to get some reps in. I’m debating whether to stream my progress, to up my accountability.

The word for 2017

My word for 2017 was Interaction. There are two topics I haven’t talked about yet that I will here, both regarding this word.

The first is the one I’m excited about, which is the book I’m writing. Civil War was the third tournament in the 2GG Championship Series, and it was insane how everything turned out.

When I went to the event, I had several goals: interview the champion, interview a coach of a top player, interview the person who inspired the event.

I accomplished all of this. Instead of hoping for the good moment to talk, I said fuck it and just went for it, getting the interviews necessary. With each interview, I got pumped up to go home and write and break down all of the content I gathered.

But Glenn, don’t you know these guys? Haven’t you done reporting for years?

This generation’s competitive gamers and influencers are different because I don’t know them that well. It’s not like the previous generation where I knew almost everyone, good and bad. There’s a part of me that has to approach it differently, and so the obvious interaction isn’t going to be there. Fuck it, I just had to do. And sometimes, that’s the only option, which is to do.

Challenge time

With each month, loneliness has become less of an issue for me. I’m getting out and meeting people at events and meetups. Interaction hasn’t become second nature quite yet, but it’s getting close.

That being said, it’s time for the April challenge.

I knew late in March that I was going to do the April challenge, and I was not going to run away from this challenge or try something different yet. This has me legit fucking scared.

Of everything I’ve done since returning to SoCal, there is something I haven’t done yet … go out on dates with women.

Meetups have been great, and I’ve had plenty of business 1-on-1s. But an actual date with a woman? Nope.

I keep telling myself that I want to and it’s be great. It’s been 14 years since I’ve been in a relationship, and I haven’t really tried since 2010, in part because rebuilding my life was a priority then.

If I keep saying I want it and don’t do anything about it, then it’s nobody’s fault but mine. It was always a hope that it could happen. However, hope is not a strategy.

There was a motivational quote of which the last word is different depending on who you talk to. This is how I view it.

What gets measured gets done.

I wanted to return to Long Beach. Done.

I said for years I wanted to learn how to code. Done.

Get certification in a skill? Done.

I wanted to prove I wasn’t boring by vlogging every day for a year. Done.

There was no need to buy a new car but I made it a goal to get one. Done.

Going out on dates or even just a lunch or juice or a run? That’s where I’ve seem to draw the line even though I keep saying “Maybe one day I’ll find that woman out there.”

This month, I’m going to at least try more than I have in the last few years.

Here’s the April challenge: Go out on 3 dates with women.

I can’t even remember the last time I was on a date — I think it was 2012? — which proves how bad I’ve been. My goal is to change that this month.

It was tough coming up with the number goal. Obviously, 30 would be way too much for someone who hasn’t even done one in years, and that would have required making moves in March. One seems too few, because it could be completed by the first week if I was lucky.

Will I be able to go on 3 dates in 30 days? It seems too tough just typing it out.

I don’t even know why I’m so scared to do this. Maybe it’s because of fear of repeated rejection or the need to be fully ‘ready’ (whatever the fuck that means) before trying. But screw it, I’m facing the fear right now.

Here are the rules of this challenge:

1. The lady can be someone I know.
2. The date doesn’t have to be lunch/dinner or juice/coffee (I keep thinking escape room since I’ve never done that, and there are few I want to try in SoCal. There is perhaps Sharks/Ducks if they were to meet at some point in the playoffs, or even, please stop me from typing this, a trip to Chavez Ravine).
3. Two or all three dates can be with the same woman.
4. Business can’t be the reason for the date.
5. No predetermined third wheel.

I won’t share the date details or who the lady/ladies is/are, if this happens.

And as if there’s another fun part to this challenge, I don’t even know where to start.

With the water challenge, there were plenty of reference points to read and view. This? Barely any.

There are different dating challenges, some a day, some a year, some anti-dating, some involving two people who already know each other. I guess with the lack of tutorials, I’ll be going at it alone.

Thank goodness for typing, so you can’t physically see how legit scared I am to try this. But I’m going to go for it.

The fear kind of reminds me of the coffee challenge that a lot of successful entrepreneurs have wantrepreneurs do — go to a coffee shop and ask for 10 percent off. Almost all the time, the baristas will say no, and the fear of rejection is supposed to sink in, to let us know that it isn’t so bad to ask for something and get rejected.

Goals review

Now, let’s look at the goals for 2017 that are still on the table. Many of them, as mentioned in the February update, were struck out or tabled.


— Reach at least $2000/monthly combined in the online and content marketing businesses by February. From there, grow by at least 5 percent each month.

Did not reach this, but it hit the backburner once I began tutoring. I still made about $500 in sales through freelancing and the ebay business.

I’m debating how I want to proceed with this. Maybe the ebay business is the “groceries” part of my income. I will go into the deep think about how I want to continue with this now that tutoring is on the forefront.

Also, I signed up for a transcription freelance service, but the opportunities are very few for starters, so I’m going to ask myself whether it is a hell yes.

— Begin reaching out to companies looking for copy editors and get to freelancing.

Always ongoing. Just picked up another company that I will be helping out, which is awesome. There also was a woman who I had a quick meeting with that led to a potential lead I hope to chase down soon. This is a forever goal, which in retrospect I should not have put down on the list because there is no end.


— Get up to 10 miles running per session (highest in February was 6.6)

Last week, I reached 7 miles for the first time, which was absolutely fucking thrilling, I wanted to stop someone on the trail and hug them. And in that run, I felt like I could go longer. The energy was there, and it was awesome. I won’t force myself to go more just to get to 10 sooner. I’m fine with small increases.


— Post on social media less and stay away from getting the Twitter/Facebook dopamine. I noticed the more I was on social media, the lonelier and less happier I felt. This is going to be a key for me in 2017. I remember the days when it was easy to tweet my thoughts 100 times without blinking. Let’s get it to once a day, if that.

January: 281 tweets (was 760 in December), less than 10 posts on Facebook
February: 47 tweets, only posted my blog posts on Facebook
March: 131 tweets, only posted my blog posts on Facebook

The test I did this month was move StayFocusd to 1 minute instead of 2 minutes, and I ended up breaking through it, which was a bad thing. Two minutes was the ideal setting.

Plus, I was more active on Facebook because of messages, and I’ve held off getting Messenger because I don’t want the itch to randomly message people. But I think I’ll get Messenger.

Although Twitter usage wasn’t overboard as it was pre-2017, I’m not happy with the amount that I posted. It felt like too much. I will dial it back.

— Get partnered on Twitch. Probably the toughest of all the tasks, given I barely have any traction and a decision by me resulted in a huge drop when I was gaining traction the past month (December). But I’m willing to grind for it.

This was borderline at the end of February. I streamed once in March. Conceding defeat.

— Read at least 10 books. My book reading in 2016 dropped BIG TIME from the previous two years, and I need to get this back up.

Currently reading “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight.

March was a good month, and I’m glad of all of the progress made. It’s time to turn it up a notch in April.