My next book is coming soon!

For all of 2017, I’ve been following the Capcom Pro Tour, charting more than 700 matches that have taken place to get an idea of who the players are that are trying to win the Capcom Cup.

I’m writing a book about what’s happened during the season, using the data I’ve collected from throughout the year to tell the story.

These players are more than button mashers or frame-perfect fiends. Each one of them has their own style, and the numbers say so.

With my next book, we will take a look at several topics:

— why some players thrived all year and others were left to claw until the end
— why the final four format needs to be consistent
— the myth that tournaments need to be a 5-game series throughout

and much more.

My goal with this book is to help break down the tournament series from a new point of view — the numbers point of view.

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