Let me help you with your projects

Hi, I’m Glenn.

I want to help you with your typing and Excel work.

Read more below, or email me at hello@gcravens.com, and we’ll get started on a plan to get your work done, so you can focus on more important tasks.

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I am verified at 101 words a minute through Long Beach City College (February 2017). Here’s the proof.

I also do races here and there on Type Racer. There, I’m at 100.9 words per minute. Here’s the proof. My fastest game has been 135 words a minute.

So when you need someone to type fast and get it done, let me be the one to help you out. I’ve done data entry, written transcription and more.

And if you want me to take a test before we get started, that’s not a problem.

Let’s get it started. Email me at hello@gcravens.com to set up a meeting.

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Let’s face it, Excel can be a pain if you only know a couple of things. But I can help ease the pain.

I am a certified Microsoft Excel specialist (here’s the proof) and can help you with your Excel needs, whether it’s data entry, combining tables, creating nice charts, and more.

You’ve probably heard of pivot tables, vlookup, and automatic tables. That’s not a problem for me, and we can set up a system to where you’ll enjoy going into Excel.

Feel free to email me at hello@gcravens.com for more info on how I can make your spreadsheet work seem like a breeze.

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— We’ll set up an initial meeting to talk about what needs to get done, and then I’ll get to work.
— I work on a weekly basis and will get as much done for you as possible.
— We can always re-up to get more work done so you can go enjoy what you need to get done

Ready to get started? Go email me at hello@gcravens.com for more info.